About Us

Grandees is a program of Praise Ministry, Inc., a tax-exempt nonprofit organization.

Grandees are simply volunteers.  In Spain, noblemen of highest rank used to be called grandees.  We like honoring volunteers with the term.  We also keep in mind that many school volunteers are students’ grandparents and other seniors in the community.  So “Grandees” is a term that conveys honor and affection.  We derive our values from Christianity and we sense the universality of its principles for all people.

The mission of the Grandees program is to enrich the lives of both adults and young people with inter-generational, pro-active volunteerism. We help helpers to instill basic values and mutual appreciation, through face-to-face interaction as well as through written materials.

We particularly seek to encourage the involvement of the older generation in volunteering with children and their schools and care centers.

Our Work:

  • Encourage and equip those who volunteer to help young people
  • Assist schools and other institutions that use volunteers to use them better and stimulate more volunteerism
  • Instill traditional morals and values through development and use of recommended materials and relational experiences