Teacher’s Role

When a classroom teacher has a regular volunteer to work with, the faculty member–

1. — should communicate clearly about hopes for what will happen during the volunteer’s time.  Messages that need to be reinforced, skills that are currently front-burner–Grandees need to be aware of these things.

2. — must stay in the classroom during the Grandee’s time. This is not free time for the teacher, but additional instructional time.

3. — needs to be available to handle any discipline situations and also answer student questions that the Grandee might have difficulty handling.

4. — should ask the Grandee how he/she would like to be addressed. Mr., Mrs., or a special nickname?

5. — may wish to appoint two students to act as host and hostess to acquaint the Grandee with your classroom and school.

6. — can help children make name tags that they can wear during Grandee visits. This will help the volunteer learn and remember the children’s names. (Use large lettering).

7. — might invite the volunteer to go on class trips, attend school programs, and occasionally ask the volunteer to stay for lunch in the cafeteria.

8. — will want to contact the volunteer coordinator when the Grandee misses the class time. Find out if there is anything the children can do for them. Children love to make cards for their Grandees; get well, birthday, special holidays, etc. Grandees cherish the cards!

9. –will do well to have a prearranged signal, so the Grandee will be reminded that the children need to get back to their studies. Grandees volunteers are often tempted to stay past their designated time!

10. — should help the children show appreciation for their Grandee. A gracious thank you from the children at the end of the visit will warm the heart of a Grandee.