Resources –a simple way to teaching handwriting–and important reasons to do so!

Jeffrey Arnett – –sensible and scholarly observations on late adolescence/early adulthood–”emerging adulthood”

Growing Leaders–Motivating and mentoring young leaders–

Diane Langberg, PhD — –Good material from a psychologist on tough issues like sexual abuse and other trauma

Generations United– secular programs and advocacy regarding many aspects of intergenerational relationships–

God’s World News —  –A variety of levels of news for varying ages from a Christian, non-partisan viewpoint

Heritage Foundation –supplies high-quality reports and statistics to Congress and the public on many issues, most of which impact families and children

Laura Bush Foundation — –Makes modest grants to add books to school libraries

Nature Friend Magazine —  –Beautiful photographs and engaging facts about the natural world, where God is acknowledged as the designer

World Changer Kids — –sprightly,  interactive site aimed at showing kids that Christian outreach is a positive, important, and doable thing